Seeking FFXIV’s most interesting people!

Hello and welcome to my studio! I am searching for the right subjects to join me for a portrait sitting/ interview segment on my weekly streamcast , usually 8-10pm EST on Thursdays at

The goal of this streamcast is to build bridges in the FFXIV community –one person at a time. I am seeking out people who contribute to or lead in some aspect of the community. I am particularly interested in artists or other creative content creators.

While I interview and paint your character, I will work with you to highlight what you want to share about your projects during that time! Note that interview/sittings can last 1-2 hours, depending on your availability and the content we would like to cover.

You may see past interviews here  .

More detailed information, including logistics and preparation, is described here

If you are interested, please contact me with links that show your body of work! You may use the contact page or contact me via Discord at ElisaSwann#8392 .

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