2023! Let’s try a mailing list!

Hello and Happy New Year!  While we watch social media spiral around in uncertain fashion, thought it would be worth trying to create a more consistent way to reach folks who are invested in my giveaways! As you know, I tend to prototype things long before they become available (or sometimes never make available). I'd... Continue Reading →

Twitter Moments, Gone and Broken

Hooey, the Moments not only are gone from Twitter, the old ones are not visible inside the actual fields (under Twitter Creator). So here are the fixed direct links below the jump. Note that to retrieve my old moments, I had to go to something I had written down and change "moment_maker/preview" to "events" and... Continue Reading →

Eating my words

In my last blog, I mentioned the Twitter takeover by Musk and being skeptical about Tumblr. Well, two weeks out of pocket (one for work and one for a poorly timed illness) and I'm prepared to say, Twitter is going to hell. I'm not pleased to see a platform that took years to build up... Continue Reading →

What now, no Mogstation gifting–

Ok, the controversy about the Mogstation dropping gifting non withstanding, my brain went down a rabbit hole today in between calls to answer this question for myself. Going back to the question at hand about gifting , current official options I can think of Timecards for FFXIV which can be purchased via vendors like Amazon.... Continue Reading →

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