Eating my words

In my last blog, I mentioned the Twitter takeover by Musk and being skeptical about Tumblr. Well, two weeks out of pocket (one for work and one for a poorly timed illness) and I'm prepared to say, Twitter is going to hell. I'm not pleased to see a platform that took years to build up... Continue Reading →

What now, no Mogstation gifting–

Ok, the controversy about the Mogstation dropping gifting non withstanding, my brain went down a rabbit hole today in between calls to answer this question for myself. Going back to the question at hand about gifting , current official options I can think of Timecards for FFXIV which can be purchased via vendors like Amazon.... Continue Reading →

Lost in April, Already May

April marks two years lost to Covid and my sense of time has been warped irreparably. I feel like we are stuck in that endless Groundhog day where all I can do is create projects while navigating the world trying to move on from COVID (while at the same time not realizing we're still in... Continue Reading →

March, the madness

When it comes to drawing, I haven't been the most productive or consistent producer this past few months. However, March was about rebellion against the adage that I am a creator who only draws for the consumption by others. Yes, there was an attempt to do an illustration for March 14 (White Day), but other... Continue Reading →

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