The creative wrap-up for 2020.

Before I disappear for the launch of the next FFXIV expansion and close my shop for 2020, I should probably at least document some of the final things I’ve created the last few months. Admittedly this was a slow time for me because of work and some personal matters that I needed to attend to….

Merchandising Thoughts, Round 1

Moving forward I’d like to capture or institutionalize various conversations on social media platforms that I believe are helpful for others to have as their own reference. Here’s the first such merchandise related conversation, now linked as a page on this site. Meanwhile, please note I updated my merchandise catalog as well for Fall items…

Charms , a video blog

They still haunt me. A video blog plus a picture of some highlighted ones in my collection.

alive… yeah, an update!

The day job has kept me pretty busy as of late alongside some personal matters. It has been pretty difficult to find energy to finish projects that I had thought about completing much earlier in the summer. Of course, summer is a weird time for anything related to merchandise. As fan conventions came back online…

The Pin Journey Concludes! Coming soon to Etsy xD

One of my deepest sins while in the artist alley was forging a relationship with Artscow and getting lots of random product made with various designs. While the ideas were cute and I loved everything I made, the sad truth was back in the late 2000s I could not sell most of my stock xD….

Summer Store Plans

My 60 day work detail is almost over and I hope I’ll be able to get back to a normal sleep schedule and work on some new projects as well finish one painting xD. It’s super hard to work on anything when physically tired and while I’ve been enjoying my break from FF14 with Marvel…

The report! Shifting gears-

If you’ve noticed a slow down on my twitter, you’re absolutely right. I started a different set of duties last March (without any advance notice) and it effectively altered my daily schedule and work hours. I’m pretty bad about changes to my work day and while I can work 12 hour shifts, it means I…

The after

Well it feels like I haven’t updated in forever, but it’s been about roughly 5 weeks since my last post! I decided not to upload everything from #emetwolvalentione2021 week as I didn’t have as much time really to prepare. You’re free to go to my twitter moments and check out the full week long menu….

2021 Plans, if any are all about print

Well, covid is still here. I’ve done a lot of shop changes over my vacation and reopened my Etsy with a lot of new stuff. I’m putting that stuff up/out over in the reorganized part of this site (see “Merchandise” tab). That said, with the economy stagnating, I don’t plan to do much more product…

Catching up, post-Patch 5.3

LOL. I WAS KIND OF BUSY PAINTING LIKE A JERK. There are many many more sketches and doodles that I will sadly leave to my twitter media for now. Of note, I made a decision to go forward and work on another series of FFXIV subjects (aka Convocations, or the precursor Ascians). Also finally finished…