Lost in April, Already May

April marks two years lost to Covid and my sense of time has been warped irreparably.

I feel like we are stuck in that endless Groundhog day where all I can do is create projects while navigating the world trying to move on from COVID (while at the same time not realizing we’re still in the midst of it).

Somewhere in the midst of March I bought a new piece of equipment – a Silhouette Cameo 4. I really wanted to use it to help me avoid handcutting millions of flower petals and think about how to scale up that process and/or transfer my efforts to others.

I ventured from that into sticker making and learning/experimenting with a vast number of settings and papers! My resurrected Canon Pixma has been certainly busy trying to figure out which papers work best with it.

I expect to release the above stickers and some of the ones shown on Twitter sometime in June. The plan is to build up a small stock to release alongside memopads I designed this month.

I’ve reached the end of my stack of memopads and decided to make one that suited the way I approach my non-work life. They currently are with a printer and hopefully arrive end of May! Because of some interest from my usual customers, I increased my order slightly and will offer them through my Etsy. Hopefully the stickers I created also get some use. ha!

While researching organizer notepads, journals, and stickers, I ended up falling deep into a niche of content creators to follow on Instagram. Yes, I also fell into Instagram and did a few test reels/videos but mostly am on there to just look at all the creators on there. I never appreciated how big the niche is for stickers there, but am well aware it’s super saturated and competitive.

I do not know how paper goods peoples stay alive and sane. They have a very high standard of packing and high volume of goods to push out. RESPECT.

In any case, I’m not too keen to scale up like them or would go straight to seeking out help from sticker producers in the US if I ever got too many orders. I think I am not cut out (get it) to be a mass sticker producer. I’m already eyeing some other types of items to try to design and equipment I want to acquire next. (stares longingly at foilers).

That and I am enjoying doing other content creation like… readings xD

On that note, enjoy some other stuff released in April — Another reading , requested by a listener.

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