2023! Let’s try a mailing list!

Hello and Happy New Year!  While we watch social media spiral around in uncertain fashion, thought it would be worth trying to create a more consistent way to reach folks who are invested in my giveaways!

As you know, I tend to prototype things long before they become available (or sometimes never make available). I’d like to find a good home for some of my successes and “soon to be forgotten” items.

To start off the new year, I’d like to ask folks to sign up for a mailing list run by Mailchimp. This will allow you to manage your own subscription automatically and also help me efficiently reach folks  regardless of where they end up!

So to a percentage of you, I’m offering to mail you an Amaurot folding card . The pattern will be random based on my existing cardstocks 🙂

To be eligible all you need to do is be on this mailing list! However, as I pick the receivers at month’s end, you will need to confirm a mailing address via email. (AKA you need to check it LOL.)

As this will be a card mailed normally, there will be no tracking 🙂

To be part of the grand experiment, please visit the form at https://swannlodge.com/subscribelist/ !


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