Patch 5.3 art and EmetWolWeek2020- Spoilerific


Art and Multimedia!

This is a long overdue post – In sum I’ve made LOTS of FFXIV 5.3 Patch art and so have put in updates to several pages. I’ve also made a separate page for EmetWolWeek stuff!  The neat thing was I’m slowly finding ways to do some more complex animations. Please look at the pages for two different youtube videos of those long-form animations 😀



I have new presale items up on a friend’s Etsy shop at  .  If you can’t guess which ones I’ve touched, well… will talk about that a bit more on twitter this week!

I also have new items as well as preorder items up at . I did run out of my “You’re Not Alone” charms and have a reorder in place now. Hoping for fulfillment late October or early November.


In terms of holiday stuff, this may be all I can squeeze in due to the large lead time. So I’ll be planning to just work on non-holiday standees and products.  Working on an idea for Elidibus at the moment and will post progress pics on Twitter.

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