2021 Plans, if any are all about print

Well, covid is still here.

I’ve done a lot of shop changes over my vacation and reopened my Etsy with a lot of new stuff. I’m putting that stuff up/out over in the reorganized part of this site (see “Merchandise” tab).
That said, with the economy stagnating, I don’t plan to do much more product updating for a few months.

Towards the end of last year I wanted to refocus on print and 2D work. Making merchandise was interesting for sure, and at least (by my raw estimates) I have broken even with all the outgoing expenses and supplies .

It is also nice to have the shop forcing me to go out of my otherwise work from home situation and providing some alternative to reading dire news or playing games. (Believe me, neither really interest me that much.) However, if I grow this shop , the management of thus will eat up my free time. Of note in 2021 so far, I have spent several Fridays in January just packing, shipping, and cleaning up my poor beleaguered home office!

At the end of the day, I just like drawing and I’d like to get back to the business of drawing for fun. I’m opening up a Ko-fi at https://ko-fi.com/elisaswann.

There’s a social component in there somewhere, but the main draw was the ability to incorporate sales of digital content and also not playing so many flat fees to list small print items — such as my stickers and postcards.

I’m really intrigued by the option to “pay what you want” on items in particular — I have always appreciated the niche of creators who do donation-ware and I have a project I want to try that with in the near future. (Launching Valentine’s Day.)

As for the print book — after a good conversation with another former participant in the Momocon alley scene, I actually am thinking of just doing it on Blurb versus trying a zine route. I’ve used Blurb and other competitors before to make photo books for myself using my own travel pictures. I think this might be a way to go for this first time around as my audience for print = very small :3


Now below is the last painted work that I haven’t shared apparently on this site. I made it for myself to put on a canvas on my wall. :3c It’s Emet Selch again.

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