The after

Well it feels like I haven’t updated in forever, but it’s been about roughly 5 weeks since my last post!

I decided not to upload everything from #emetwolvalentione2021 week as I didn’t have as much time really to prepare. You’re free to go to my twitter moments and check out the full week long menu. Admittedly I’m posting my favorites instead (about half xD).

After the underwhelming experience the last round , I wasn’t actually planning to participate except for the first and last day. That said, as my manufacturers/store was closed for Chinese New Year, I decided to just draw in between if I could.

I’m not really a smooshy sort of shipper artist, and was pretty distracted. I started and finished a lot of other pieces with absolutely no cameo from my FFXIV character xD — including a weird experiment with gif animation!

I also was quite bored while working on my 10239847 paintings so started another shipping prompt, but didn’t have the mindset to finish — so am just posting the one piece I really liked the most of the 3 or so I did for Ser Aymeric XD

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