Summer Store Plans

My 60 day work detail is almost over and I hope I’ll be able to get back to a normal sleep schedule and work on some new projects as well finish one painting xD.

It’s super hard to work on anything when physically tired and while I’ve been enjoying my break from FF14 with Marvel Cinematic Universe and now Fire Emblem, I haven’t been able to find the energy to follow-through on some of my painterly ideas.

Coming soon

That said, I do have one new product in the pipelines. (I’ll be posting some pictures this week on my Twitter!)

This idea came about as a result of the new Nier-themed 24 man in FFXIV. I am rather attached to this weird 2P busting out of the Red girl (or “Her Influorescence”) and while I had been drafting it for a print, I changed my mind and turned it into a charm. Depending on how this does, I may do more in the Nier series using this motif.

Speaking of Shop Things

There’s a 15% coupon for about another week at

The above charm will probably appear in next week on the Etsy.

I’ll be closing the store from June 5-June 25 as I take some time off with family. I will also be reassessing what is available to the EU as the VAT kicks in for other countries . The pricing structure may change.

  • Most poster prints will be retired prior to or during this break.
  • Charms and standees will not be restocked.
  • Pins will be added after the reopen.

Sold-out Items

Later summer I will restock the “You’re not alone” charm (later year) and Nero from Garlean chibis series.

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