The report! Shifting gears-

If you’ve noticed a slow down on my twitter, you’re absolutely right. I started a different set of duties last March (without any advance notice) and it effectively altered my daily schedule and work hours. I’m pretty bad about changes to my work day and while I can work 12 hour shifts, it means I have no physical energy to do anything extra outside of it.

I have to keep this up for another month and then it should normalize again.

That said – I said early in year I’d have to change my plans for merchandise. The US had a bit to look forward to with the stimulus but I saw a massive slow down in sales as expected and with a glut in charms (my own supply as well as many more being made/sold now by other artists), I’m not looking to make more for a while.

That said, I really like pins and how rare they seem to be in the FF14 realm. The general direction of pins so far has included minions and job classes which sell well over a long period of time. I, on the other hand, like to collect specific characters and such. Haven’t seen many pins come online in a while, so designed not just one but two this past month. Both are in various stages with the middleman. One is in production, and one looks like is sitting with the art department for layout.

I’ve finished one painting (The Convocation) and put it on a mug as requested xD. It’s a shame to go that crazy and not have it on a canvas, so it’s now on Redbubble for purchase as well. If you want to watch the process, you can see the video upload on Youtube.

As for the other content, it’s mostly digital and traditional sketches. I’ve picked up my Copics and Staedtlers again and raffled off some of the small cards. I’m not sure what will happen with the others. I’m still thinking about the end output for sketches/ink drawings and whether they will go into my compiled “art book” end of this year or next year.

While I’d like to do more giveaways the reach I have currently is pretty limited. To that end, I’m scaling back the giveaways and will probably begin turning my attention to just drawing other stuff once this temporary position is over. I really want to try tackling painting MCU xD

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