The creative wrap-up for 2020.

Before I disappear for the launch of the next FFXIV expansion and close my shop for 2020, I should probably at least document some of the final things I’ve created the last few months.

Admittedly this was a slow time for me because of work and some personal matters that I needed to attend to. These were things that meant I had to really cut back on everything done at the computer. But during this quarter I acquired a new kind of tablet that really made drawing possible again on the computer. There are a few more pieces I’d like to post (sketches or other works) that show that experimentation with the new tablet, but I’ll just leave those for a future update 🙂

Even so, with all the lack of time, how did I draw so much Emet Selch?!?!?! xD.

Merchandise always seems to take forever to implement and in that sense I feel like I didn’t do much. But I also finalized that pin I posted about before finally got two standees into production. These were largely done for specific people but I will be mulling making some quantities available next year in 2022 after I reopen my shop.

I’ll be closing my shop in about 36 hours until early 2022. I’m going to use that time off to think about what I want to focus on for next year. Mayhap I’ll find inspiration in this new FFXIV expansion or perhaps I’ll retool towards 2D next year. I really have no agenda other than creating a lot of stuff so I can start working on my own fanbook next year :). Anyways, I’ll be off Twitter to avoid spoilers, so please reach out to me there in DM or through the contacts here! Later all!

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