January highlights

What a long , long month.

The post-Endwalker time period feels very non-productive for me as I’ve largely slowed down on making art.

I did not have a proper winter holiday this year and I think that and the release of Endwalker (and the post-story depression after it) has made it really difficult to want to do much. To be honest, I feel my drive to play and create around it is really subdued . I liked the playthrough and story very much. (And if you look at my youtube, you can see some of my reaction videos). But when something comes to an end, you definitely are left with some “what next” feelings.

So my January menu feels a bit sparse to be honest when you look at what I was able to complete! I do have some holiday leave scheduled for late February , after which , I hope I will have more to show (after more sleep and recharging.)



One of the highlights of this month was a two part interview series at Aetherflow Media . Sadly the publication will be closing shortly so this will be a good time to read the articles. The person who conducted the interviews should be archiving these on her own site in the near future, so will be updating links later. But for now, please read the below and enjoy — I have a fairly different point of view about why I do what I do and it might help understand this general pause too in what I’m doing.

What Next

This year I’ve decided to try to scale back on merch and the shop and try to focus on selling off what I have this quarter before I really try to push anything new. There are so many more people designing to sell right now and I really don’t enjoy the race to “first” . I want to continue to make things that I like personally. That said, I do have a few standee projects to complete but will be fairly low key otherwise.

I want to do more drawing and to that end, doing a lot of sketching right now on paper and studying some older books I had that looks more at pencil and linework as the foundations for coloring. Painting is fun here and there, but it’s not speaking to me much right now xD.

Once I have my vacation end of February I hope I’ll have a better plan for the spring quarter. I’d like to focus on drawing and possibly try to go back to generating other kinds of content. I used to really enjoy making small videos on Youtube and so cleaned up my catch-all channel.

I also added two readings from “Chronicles of Light” to highlight unpublished content! Hope folks will listen :0 )

Due to a persistent cough and health issues I am reluctant to resume Twitch streaming and commit to a schedule. I hope to have found a workable solution to the overhead camera situation so I can do more informal desk videos with readings or unboxings. (Maybe even doodling instead on paper which I find more relaxing than digital work.) I have a new desktop microphone to set up and something else on its way for a phone-based camera streaming solution.

We’ll see how all the pieces work out as I get new equipment in.

Working quietly to help with some other fan based projects but nothing to report on it until it’s greenlit later this year.

Until then – Happy Lunar New Year all!

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