February – the no brain month

By all accounts this was a non productive month whereby I went fairly invisible on Twitter. I’m tired of screaming into the void and just decided to not tweet (just to tweet).

Also not making art if I don’t have anything unique to contribute.

So decided instead to make 25+ animated emojis for a small Valentine’s day twitter thread. Completely non-monetizable haha!

I’m not liable to post them here, as I made a non-animated emoji friendly version available instead at my Ko-fi.

YES. THAT’S RIGHT. I HAVE A KO-FI where all these wonderful freebies for art crack exist!


The original animated emojis were part of my response to a Twitter thread (Link) that was led by one drawing (below). To explain this better, in Korea and Japan, usually men receive the gifts on Valentine’s Day with a possible return in gifts on White Day. His little avatar (chibi) was the one who received (and noted the presents btw) and dispensed verdicts with variations of the above faces.

I was really amused by the wide variety of funny and serious gifts he received from fans , friendly trolls, as well as RPers. Among those presents were theatre tickets, beautiful baubles, food , and some extremely funny ones with variations of grapes (which canonically should trigger his rage hahaha).

In turn, followers now have the emoji pack. (Whether I may make the animated ones at a future will simply depend on time and demand.)

The other doodles are responses to random twitter comments.

In terms of manufacturing stuffs, all I did in February was preorder some small quantities of test standees. This is a slow part of the sales year and have finalized some artworks. Once I have the actual prototypes in-hand (March?) I’ll post and update the shop. But given how saturated the fan market is right now I’ll be putting up very small amounts of ready in-stock merch and primarily going back to preorder once they run out.

Watching world events to decide if I proceed with plans to offer a commission (with people’s personal characters) for the below product. My work life is busy and tiring and I’m a little hesitant to engage in a project that could take 3 months.

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