Catching up – the things we come to expect

There was a time where I was productive when it came to my art, but being mired in a lot of real life work, as well as feeling old and achy, I have not felt much interest in sitting down and “just drawing.”

I realized that while I was doing a lot of painting, my natural work flow and attention span favors hand drawn art on paper. I generally have always naturally drawn on paper since I was young and for me, that is a lot more organic than sitting at a tablet.

While it’s true that people respond online to digital colored works, I find those to be time consuming and without a reason to make them, not something I would choose to do. (I do not do conventions, and do not necessarily want to make a fanbook to sell.)

As I have mentioned a lot on social media, I am largely making things for practical reasons. Economy is expected to go pretty south end of this year into next year. Art for commerce sake is not my interest at this time.

Therefore, 2D is in a new space in my head — that mostly of being done to satisfy my interest or curiosity. It’s a means to execute an idea or tell a story.

The below is just fun drawing of my FF14 character. She is a big old bully /slob in her past life. AKA, she is shonen protagonist (but not very cute sadly). I find it very funny as in her current incarnation, she’s that “death flag mom type” who mostly supports a lot of crazier characters.

However, as those who know me well can figure out, if I have a project in mind, I can get pretty motivated to draw.

The below series of drawings started as inks on paper. I was pondering what I wanted to draw from all of this FF14 Endwalker business and at the end of the day, not particularly interested in the new NPC of the moment. (Overall, Endwalker brought a lot of closure to my interest in specific aspects of the fandom. You’ll see in future posts how my intersection with this fandom will shift for a bit.)

In terms of art, however, I still am very much interested in the individuals who comprise the “past life” of your main character in this MMORPG. As it worked out there were at least 12 (13 technically) as of the latest patch, so I started drawing some and finished the rest the last few weeks.

With 12, I’m now able to have content for a calendar I planned to give to a small group of people. But not many people necessarily want the calendar version (which is black and white), so have a finished option here below. These will be put together with the b/w versions (on the reverse side) to make into a desktop calendar. Coming soon to Etsy.

As for that -_-, yeah I have to update inventory first before I do anything to be honest. I have been whittling away at inventory with no intention to restock unless asked to directly. I have downsized the shop a lot but will be updating with restocks and excess calendars near end of October/early November.

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