What now, no Mogstation gifting–

Ok, the controversy about the Mogstation dropping gifting non withstanding, my brain went down a rabbit hole today in between calls to answer this question for myself.

Going back to the question at hand about gifting , current official options I can think of

  1. Timecards for FFXIV which can be purchased via vendors like Amazon. You can give the physical card or the digital card still to my knowledge.
  2. Physical item codes still exist but with specific merch like CDs and artbooks and some plush here and there.   Please take care when looking around official, reseller, and auction sites to make sure you are dealing with someone legitimate. If you are buying currently available merchandise, make sure to look around deeply at shipping options too as the official stores sometimes has the most expensive shipping.   See INSANE Spreadsheet of what items I mean at https://t.co/Xgi68hHQP5.
  3. If you super-duper trust your friend, there’s an indirect method of giving them money to buy Crysta.  The currency cannot be gifted, but someone can accept a monetary/credit card gift card/PayPal to translate to Crysta themselves and then buy something. You’re trusting the recipient can do all these in between steps and will do what you asked. It’s kind of awkward like giving money to “go buy yourself something” but in some cultures and families this is ok!

Of course there are fan-based methods which include gifting commissions, merchandise, or I suppose even statues/songs, and other neat things out there. All you have to do is go hunt down the ffxiv_merch twitter or sneak onto Redbubble or Etsy.

In any case, still trying to go through and work on the second tab of the spreadsheet. If there’s something I missed, I hope someone will let me know xD

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