Calendar preview and some Twitter aftermath (What a Tumblr?)

Well, work is picking up rapidly and I’m in/out on travel pending staying healthy (which is more challenging than you realize given COVID). So missed a lot of the fallout over the transition in Twitter. I suspect a lot of the fandom oriented folks who came over from Tumblr are trying to move on, for understandable reasons. There’s already difficulty with discoverability (esp since Twitter favors the popular and penalizes people with links), and then it seems lately people have decided controversy is a valid way to reach an audience, which leads to fandom being more about fighting than creating. With all the firings of staff and reports of harassment that happens when bad actors are allowed to return to Twitter… well. Nothing new under the sun.

For reasons notwithstanding I do not really plan to “migrate” off Twitter to “another platform.” It remains the only public facing lobby and people honestly are going to have to work harder from here on out to be discoverable, particularly those that are relying on it as part of their overall marketing of self or product.

That said, I’m not keen on the migration back to Tumblr. It’s never been a good place for dialogue and was inherently dramatic as a result. That said, I don’t promote the Tumblr much, but guess I can turn on crossposting and send content over there. I think?

Let’s see how this goes. My tumblr -> .

Also inserted the media link below to see if it would make it over — it’s essentially a flip through of the Ancients Calendar which I hope to put some extras online this week.

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