Eating my words

In my last blog, I mentioned the Twitter takeover by Musk and being skeptical about Tumblr. Well, two weeks out of pocket (one for work and one for a poorly timed illness) and I’m prepared to say, Twitter is going to hell.

I’m not pleased to see a platform that took years to build up self-destruct so quickly under puzzling and often cruel decisions by its new leader , but I’ll let the articles explain what’s going on and ask you, “do you feel comfortable about Twitter at the moment?”

  1. Cruel Changes at Twitter:
  2. Twitter cut in Half:

To that end, I am committing to updating everything I have albeit in scheduled fashion (instagram), tumblr, and this website while experimenting and exploring cohost, mastodon, and yes, even inkblot at some point.

However, the unexpected illness has made things push back quite a bit sadly.

Until I’m recovered enough I won’t be able to do much on these newer sites and I don’t know if I”ll post a lot — may simply explore and examine if these sites can actually work in what I call a “less interactive” social media plane.

I have some issues with what I’ve seen so far on two of the three new sites and mostly that has to do with people posting to be seen, but not bringing any dialogue or actual semblance of “community” to bear. I feel that the lack of interaction could actually result in people leaving these sites fairly quickly.

That said, I do see less posting on twitter TL right now — whether it is because people are being buried yet again by algorithms or are just really abandoning twitter who knows. Here are the details on the otherwise fairly sparse landing pages for these networks. If you know of others I should examine, let me know!

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