March, the madness

When it comes to drawing, I haven't been the most productive or consistent producer this past few months. However, March was about rebellion against the adage that I am a creator who only draws for the consumption by others. Yes, there was an attempt to do an illustration for March 14 (White Day), but other... Continue Reading →

February – the no brain month

By all accounts this was a non productive month whereby I went fairly invisible on Twitter. I'm tired of screaming into the void and just decided to not tweet (just to tweet). Also not making art if I don't have anything unique to contribute.So decided instead to make 25+ animated emojis for a small Valentine's... Continue Reading →

January highlights

What a long , long month. The post-Endwalker time period feels very non-productive for me as I've largely slowed down on making art. I did not have a proper winter holiday this year and I think that and the release of Endwalker (and the post-story depression after it) has made it really difficult to want... Continue Reading →

The creative wrap-up for 2020.

Before I disappear for the launch of the next FFXIV expansion and close my shop for 2020, I should probably at least document some of the final things I've created the last few months. Admittedly this was a slow time for me because of work and some personal matters that I needed to attend to.... Continue Reading →

alive… yeah, an update!

The day job has kept me pretty busy as of late alongside some personal matters. It has been pretty difficult to find energy to finish projects that I had thought about completing much earlier in the summer. Of course, summer is a weird time for anything related to merchandise. As fan conventions came back online... Continue Reading →

Summer Store Plans

My 60 day work detail is almost over and I hope I'll be able to get back to a normal sleep schedule and work on some new projects as well finish one painting xD. It's super hard to work on anything when physically tired and while I've been enjoying my break from FF14 with Marvel... Continue Reading →

The report! Shifting gears-

If you've noticed a slow down on my twitter, you're absolutely right. I started a different set of duties last March (without any advance notice) and it effectively altered my daily schedule and work hours. I'm pretty bad about changes to my work day and while I can work 12 hour shifts, it means I... Continue Reading →

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