The after

Well it feels like I haven't updated in forever, but it's been about roughly 5 weeks since my last post! I decided not to upload everything from #emetwolvalentione2021 week as I didn't have as much time really to prepare. You're free to go to my twitter moments and check out the full week long menu.... Continue Reading →

Catching up, post-Patch 5.3

LOL. I WAS KIND OF BUSY PAINTING LIKE A JERK. There are many many more sketches and doodles that I will sadly leave to my twitter media for now. Of note, I made a decision to go forward and work on another series of FFXIV subjects (aka Convocations, or the precursor Ascians). Also finally finished... Continue Reading →

Pre-Patch (5.3) art , Other stuff

Patch Day, August 11 has been looming over my head as a deadline of sorts. One fears becoming super busy once new content in FFXIV shows up, so  prior to that I have been busy furiously trying to scratch out my anniversary pieces which technically doesn't come until mid-late August. That and Iam preparing seven... Continue Reading →

This week in art and stickers!

Art notes This week I found a lot of time to paint. Or rather, maybe it's I painted a lot because I think I'm getting faster at finding my favorite tools within Clip Studio Paint. August marks what is considered the anniversary of the Final Fantasy XIV relaunch (A Realm Reborn) and for the last... Continue Reading →

Last week’s doodles

It's a bit of the old stuff finally getting finished. I started this Final Fantasy XIV Thancred after the initial trailer dropped showing his new job and makeover. I went through many iterations while learning Clip Studio. Finally finished it but had to change how it works to make more sense. The other image is... Continue Reading →

Shifting Gears

As I've retired the interviews portion of the Twitch schedule, I think it's time to adjust this site.  I've been doing very small scale streams and trying to engage folks more through Twitter and Discord. I also opened up storefronts on Etsy and Redbubble to cater goods to niche portions of the Final Fantasy XIV... Continue Reading →

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